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Business Application Development

Vector Resources, Inc. (VRI) brings technology-based solutions and applications to organizations to help them keep pace with the rapidly changing technology environment. Support includes identifying and facilitating commercial off the shelf solutions as well as developing custom-built applications to suit our clients’ unique needs. Through the use of technology, VRI helps organizations streamline and automate business functions, which allows our clients’ employees to shift to higher value work.


VRI supports clients with multi-disciplinary teams consisting of software engineers and subject matter experts with background and knowledge in our clients’ area of expertise.  We work with clients to understand the requirements driving their work, map business processes, and bring cost-effective solutions to help improve their operations.  Automating business processes leads to increased consistency and quality, productivity enhancements, reduced operational costs, transparency, and increased governance and reliability.


VRI’s expertise includes experience with a variety of website design and programming products, including, but not limited to:  Microsoft (MS) SharePoint, Visual Studio, Visual Basic, VB.NET utilizing Structured Query Language server databases, Atlassian Confluence, Internet Information Services hosted on MS Windows server, MS Expression, Adobe Dreamweaver. In addition, VRI’s staff has experience with the following programming languages:  JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 


Business Process Improvements

  • Workflow Analysis

  • Process Documentation

  • Quality Management Systems

  • ISO 9001

  • Lean Six Sigma

  • Key Performance Indicators

Application Development

  • Work Breakdown Structure Tool

  • Requirements Database

  • Integration of Capital Asset Acquisition Project Process Tool

  • Contract Data Requirements List Tool

  • Project Lessons Learned Automated Workbook

End User Support

  • Help Desk Support

  • Training

  • End User Documentation

Requirements Management

  • Requirements Development, Implementation, and Traceability

  • Gap Analysis

  • Change Management

  • Configuration Management

  • Systems Engineering

Workflow Management

  • Action Tracking

  • Document Review and Approval

  • Critical Decision Concurrence Packages

  • Project Deliverables


  • Business Intelligence Dashboards

  • Usage Reports

  • Trend Reports

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