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Program & Project Management

VRI provides integrated technical and management teams to support our clients in developing, managing, and executing enterprise wide efforts and services. We develop and apply methods, tools, and procedures to help our clients reduce costs and optimize manpower dedicated to managing their programs.

Services include developing strategic plans; conducting assessments; preparing cost estimates and developing budgets; conducting acquisition and technical alternatives analyses; managing contracts, data, and records; developing work breakdown structures, policies, and procedures; developing project documentation; cost-benefit analysis; and claims support. 

As a result of government budget reductions and federal hiring freezes, we often find that our clients are faced with fewer resources and at the same time, are being asked to do more than ever before. We've helped our clients to develop innovative solutions to succeed in this new reality. Some examples include the development of procedures and job aids as well as software solutions to help streamline processes and improve organizational efficiency; developing requirements databases to support performance assurance and compliance reviews; customized contract development software; and work structure and management tools.

Our team includes Federal Acquisition Specialists, Certified Contract Managers, Program and Budget Analysts, Project Management Professionals, Application and System Programmers, Policy Experts, and more.


Portfolio Management

Acquisition Support

Cost Estimating

Work Breakdown Structures

Policy Development and Implementation

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Support

Document Management

Project Plans and Documentation

Congressional Budget Requests

Configuration Management

Data and Records Management

Programmatic and Technical Documentation Development and Management

Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Evaluation Services

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