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Enterprise Standardization & Business Process Optimization

Vector supports enterprise standardization and optimization by helping organizations identify mission drivers, clearly define
desired outcomes, goals, and deliverables, configure streamline management processes,.

We conduct top down analyses to provide a macro picture and design strategies to optimize organizational performance
through functional alignment, strategic planning, mission and function alignment, process definition, and performance
metrics. procedural development to help ensure the organization is functioning to its full potential.

Through strategic planning and gap analyses, we are able to help organizations identify areas where organizational
objectives are not being met and develop strategies to effectively address identified gaps.


  • Quality Management System Implementation, Lean Six Sigma, and ISO 9001

  • Workflow Analysis, Design, Optimization and Implementation

  • Systems Engineering, Configuration Management, and Change Control

  • Gap Analysis, Process Documentation, Mission and Functional Alignment

  • Business Process Mapping

  • Effective process documentation (e.g., standard practices, operating procedures, desktop instructions, templates, and other job aids) allow organizations to effectively implement organizational requirements in an efficient and transparent fashion

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