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Supply Chain Risk Management Services

VRI has considerable experience supporting SCRM efforts for Federal customers. Our experts bring crucial insights with backgrounds spanning government, military, and commercial sectors. We act as a collaborative partner helping our customers to enhance supply chain operations and reduce risk.


SCRM strategic planning and coordination including gap analysis, policy development and implementation, best practices alignment, lessons learned implementation, process flowcharting, and procedure development.


Risk assessments including risk framework development, identification of at-risk materials and vendors, and development of risk metrics and risk mitigation approaches.


Supply chain illumination and mapping including material and component traceability; vendor evaluations detailing beneficial ownership, foreign influence or threats, and financial health; and identification of other factors effecting the supply chain such as geopolitical risks, logistics, and sustainment.


Assessing, recommending, and supporting the implementation of SCRM applications, tools, and technologies.


Providing organizational support to improve coordination and communication flow regarding supply chain issues, initiatives, and risks among the enterprise and key stakeholders.

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