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Technical and Engineering

VRI's technical professionals and engineers come from a variety of backgrounds, in both the public and private sectors, as well as academia, and span virtually every engineering discipline. We specialize in providing engineering assessments, design reviews, cost benefit analysis studies, technical requirements development, procedural review and development, value engineering, configuration management, and quality assurance management.

We've supported the planning, design, execution, and operation of nuclear production facilities, nuclear waste isolation facilities, mission critical facilities, emergency operation facilities, and more. We bring vast amounts of industry experience to ensure our clients’ projects are designed for success.

Our team includes Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Nuclear Engineers, Nuclear Weapons Subject Matter Experts, Systems Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Physicists, Geologists, and Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1)and ISO 9001 Lead Auditors​.


Engineering Assessments

Design Reviews

Systems Engineering

Quality Control/Quality

Assurance/Quality Engineering

Technical Procedures Development

Technical and Functional

Requirements Development

Safety Analysis

Peer Reviews

External Reviews

Risk Assessments

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