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Construction Management

VRI provides a full range of construction management support across the project engineering life cycle—from strategic planning and concept development, through systems design and engineering, test and evaluation, integrated logistics, acquisition life cycle management, and project delivery oversight. Our team provides support for managing and overseeing construction contracting teams, field engineering support, design and constructability reviews, cost and schedule management, building inspections, quality assurance/quality control, commissioning, and building systems testing.

Projects supported have ranged in size from several million dollars to several billion dollars; and in complexity from basic construction such as guard’s quarters and perimeter security installations to highly specialized construction involving state-of-the-art technology including nuclear reactors, high energy lasers, and production facilities.


Each construction project presents its own unique challenges, and our multidisciplinary teams provide clients with the robust and experienced support needed to complete projects safely, on time, and within budget. Our team consists of Professional Engineers, Project Management Professionals, Certified Cost Engineers, Licensed General Contractors, Quality Engineers/Quality Assurance Specialists, and more.​


Commissioning and Testing Services

Claims Services

Post Construction Services

Site Security Management

Acquisition Support

Schedule and Budget Management 

Contract Management

Design Phase Support 

Construction Phase Support

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